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How to use the tool

The Foundation CO2 Calculator has been designed to allow direct comparison of the carbon footprint of a project.

Clients commissioning a project can use this data to compare the carbon emissions of the tender submissions from competing contractors. Our methodology ensures this comparison will be fair and accurate. Click here for an example report.

The tool is simple to use for contractors and requires no specialist technical knowledge. Simply enter the relevant data into the boxes provided to calculate out what the carbon footprint of a project will be.

The CO2 Calculator allows you to select which ground engineering techniques you are using and specify your materials, transport modes etc to arrive at an emissions value. Where you don't have live data it will provide default values for you.

A great strength of the tool is that it will allow you to model different approaches to the same project. So if you want to explore the carbon emissions impact of using one type of technique, or material over another, the CO2 Calculator will allow a direct comparison. See workflow diagram below.

To see an example comparison report click here.

For a full guide to the tool's methodology and how to use it click here.

Workflow Diagram

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